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Kosturiangel Restaurant
87/100 (184 ratings)
Middle Eastern
"We always crave for a pakistani cuisine and our favorite place to eat is in this retaurant and everytime we went there we always order the same food..."
"They have recently renovated the place, so I don't think that the sanitary of this place would be an issue anymore. They serve authentic..."
Edge F. Jimeno
"The food and the service is great! The food is cooked well and that was my first time experiencing eating arab food. Although, I think they should..."
Jessica De Vallejo
"We had Beef Biryani, Beef Korma, and some Roti. Compared to other Middle Eastern Restaurants, their Biryani is pretty good. Plus they serve authentic..."
Mica Jimenez
"Never judge a book by its cover. The place looks run down and very casual. Prices of the food seemed expensive, given that the menu and place seemed..."
Rouelle Miranda
"The place is tucked and quite unnoticeable and once you enter you will automatically notice its clean set up and the menu will be handed to you on a..."
Ken Rosco
"I found this middle eastern restaurant by accident then became their regular ever since. The owner is a middle eastern, so as the chef. The food is..."
Dong-Hun Lee
"Halal here!This is a tiny restaurant near small shops and a food court along Vito Cruz; it's also across epic Jollibee. Tables are arranged..."
Patrick Unson
"Well, i was so surprised to find an indian/ paki restaurant near vito cruz. The price was ok. Just it will take a whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiile to get what i..."
Yang Francis
"The best thing about this place is that it's quiet and the food is authentic. My friend told me that the rice they serve here is the same as the rice..."
Samantha Jaro
"Awesome🤩👌🏻 And Tasty Indian Food 👏🏻😋I had Experienced Here At Affordable Price🤑👍🏻. I had been there more than 4 times and..."
Restaurant Uno
87/100 (79 ratings)
"Uno looks very unassuming from the outside but this establishment definitely takes its food and desserts seriously. I particularly enjoy coming here..."
Timmy DLC
"I have been eating here since I was little, and all I can say is that it has great food and even better staff!! We got the walnut cookies too and the..."
"On a Friday night, we went here with my college friends. The food is so good here that we finished everything without leftover. The pasta and main..."
"Very accommodating staff and always a good dining experience eating here. I always enjoy their bread and iced tea! The main courses are also very..."
"A good friend suggested this place for cheesecake and coffee after a lengthy and fun lunch in a nearby restaurant. And I was charmed. It's old school..."
Manang Bidang
"This is my perfect place. The five-star rating is for the additional sentimental factor. But of course the food and service are great. They make..."
"❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️8pm to be exact, April 23,The place for is very private as its situated on a corner of the krispy kreme..."
Rufino Monteverde Hirang
"Definitely a good find! Uno serves one of the best cheesecakes (in my opinion) at a price of just P75 per slice! It it extra creamy that is why i..."
"one of my all time favorites. one of the best iced tea in town.. cheap and even refillable! and they have different menus every few weeks or so and..."
Rubz Zamora De Ocampo
"Uno restaurant sits silently at Sct. Fuentebella St. near Tomas Morato. The interiors are plainly designed with colors limited to black and..."
Catherine Walls
"Food : 5/5 Service: 5/5 Value of money: 5/5 Place: 5/5Cleanliness: 5/5 This is my favorite resto ever, Uno resto ..."
"This restaurant has been around for ages and I understand why. They change their menu every month (I think). Food is always of high quality..."
Janice Bautista
"Uno also meant my current #1 recommendation for comfort food in Tomas Morato area. It is an inevitable venue for dinner meetings and..."
"Simplicity at its finest! Love their cheesecake! Price is reasonable and food serving is great. Simple decors, simple food, yet very..."
Hazel Quinto
"This place is like my Cheers. A resto where everyone knows my name. Staff knows where I prefer to be seated, gives me iced tea without me asking and..."
Marie Gwen
"Uno has been in the area for the longest time.  The place is clean and simple.  The place is not conducive for meetings, as the acoustics are bad..."
Let Us Eat
"Minimalist type of resto.. No wall decors. No music. Just tables, chairs and a very delicious freshly baked bread while you wait for your entree. The..."
Cee Vee Gee
"Their cakes are goooood... One of which is fallen cake. A must try if it is your first time to visit. Good place for a date as well, cozy and has the..."
"This is my favorite "serenity" place in Tomas Morato. I love their #Carrot #Cake and #Cafe Americano.It's the place where most celebrities..."
"Every pasta i order at UNO is simply the best. Nothing beats good quality ingredients and a seasoned chef. I have been coming back for a few years..."
Tanya Lou
"Just stumbled here while we're looking for some place to eat desserts. We like the ambiance, cozy and quiet, that's why we gave it a try. I ordered..."
Gershon Gambala
"I've been here countless times. If i am to best describe uno, the most suitable is recommended -for -business -meetings -on-a-fixed -budget . Why?..."
Jap Jap
"Went here after dinner time to get some dessert and when I entered the place, it was so cozy. Nice lighting. Perfect for dates. Since I was so full..."
KMP Manods.
"We were about to dine somewhere else but when we passed by Uno Restaurant, we decided to dine here instead because we were attracted to their..."
N Cruz
"They have nice balcony And lights you should try the creme brulé. ? The coffee and desserts are affordable. SUPER STUDENT FRIENDLY!! I want to go..."
Chadz Espe
"Uno Restaurant on Scout Fuentebella is something of an institution for the neighborhood, given that most upscale restaurants in this area have come..."
Marianne In Manila
"UNO has been part of the Quezon City dining scene for quite some time now. It has always been able to update itself and remain relevant to the diners..."
Kirsten Uy De Baron
King Chef Seafood Restaurant
87/100 (191 ratings)
"Hello, I and my family loves to eat at king chef especially the dimsums........and we always celebrates our special ocations like birthdays,..."
Philicenda Chua Uy
"One of the best place to dine with family or friends; staffs are helpful and accomodating beyond their job..."
Cj Alvarez
"We went here yesterday. They immediately gave us the house tea and nuts so we have something to munch while waiting for our food. It took a while..."
"Excellent and quick service! We always make it a point to visit here (lucky chinatown branch) everytime we go to binondo..."
Hannah Ong
"The food is consistently delicious and the staffs are always friendly. RR was our waiter and he is very friendly and..."
Aaron Lam
"Food delicious! Chicken feet luv it, 2 to 3 times a week were der together with my friends and family. Good to recommend! Service very good! Thank..."
Lan Dela Cruz
"ushers/waiter/waitress very accomodating! foods r delicious n good... presentation! ambiance r also very good! luv..."
Ami Abesamis Belmonte
"It was amazing restaurant with a good taste of food and well served from their staffs.Mabuhay kayo .!!!! I Will come back here with my family..."
Bim Chan Bel Carao
"Good food and very accomodating servers. It was a nice dining experience. My family love..."
Joey Nikki Calilong
"The meals being served are very delicious. The restaurant's ambiance is superb too...."
Jermaine Sy
"Customer satisfaction is what King Chef staffs does! Keep it up. Godbless...."
Ome Ivio
"Try to visit Kingchef Restaurant lucky chinatown mall. Affordable and DELICIOUS. ..!!!..."
Vina Aturo
"My favorite restaurant in Lucky Chinatown :) Great food and..."
Jayson Alexander Kiong
"We are unique! The food has authentic taste of cantonese cuisine. The venue has a pleasant atmosphere & elegant. Our service is to determine & to..."
Lucy T. Garcia
"Delicious foods with great customer experience...two thumbs..."
Cristel Dela Cruz-Jalata
"Wow ang sarap ng kainan..."
Minda Cimafranca Francisco
"Superb!!!!! Talk of the town in..."
Rhico Solomon Pangilinan
Macao Mini Hotpot
87/100 (263 ratings)
"One of the best and authentic Shabu Shabu in Binondo. Their food’s qualities are superb, tao pao and taro meat balls are a must try in this..."
John Michael Cai
"Each one will be having their own cooker. Yaaay! So you can cook and put the balls and beef at your own phase. We ordered their Satay soup, beef,..."
"Kumain kami ng sis in law ko dto. Alam mo naman pag chinese eto ata mga hilig. Shabu shabu. Ok naman ang prices masosolve ka naman sa servings nila...."
Theza Jaque Tan
"Love it. Reasonable price, a wide variety of food to choose from. Recommend for hotpot lovers. There a limited space for parking, the place is a..."
P Tams
"this place was f*cking crowded when my family and i got there like what the f*ck. its cool tho cause we got seatz brah. anyway, the food is ok but..."
Diane Sagabaen
"This is one of our favorite places to eat as a family. As it is only just a 1 minute walk from our house.This is one of the best hotpots or..."
Jason Steven Ortega
"Ironic as it may seem, i was craving for something hot despite the blistering weather we have. I wanted to try something different. Lo and behold!..."
Mary Joyce Salvador
"This is one of the few times I felt like I was in a Bruce Lee movie. Everybody there were chinese I think. I was almost expecting the other diners..."
Joey Adoremos
"Reasonable price, good food, and good service. This place is very near my place. I always order their Macao Dumpling. For first timers, try their..."
Eunice Cai
"Craving for authentic chinese hotpot? This is the best shabu shabu hotpot in Chinatown Binondo! Me and my family ussually dine here because we love..."
Trisha Que
"With the ambiance and the crowd of genuine chinese they will bring you the China hotpot experience in manila. One of my favorite hot pot restaurant...."
Kenneth Wong
87/100 (131 ratings)
"Expensive macaroons but one of my go to places to eat and also for gifts to my family and friends. The quality of their macaroons is totally worth..."
Dhanica Ghienne Mharrie Lim
"This I believe is the perfect macaron. The crispness of the almond flour exterior and the flavors and consistency of the ganache in the middle are on..."
"Laduree has excellent macarons with just a light crunch and heavenly ganache. I keep coming back for more. Only downside is that their credit card..."
"Posh place because it truly is a branch from Paris. The macaroons were reall delicious though you can save your tongue from saying how tad expensive..."
Shane Pines Quijada
"I love everything about this place. The variety of flavors to choose from, the ambience and the accommodating staff. A dessert worth splurging..."
"French macaroons that melts in your mouth. Laduree for me is a standard when it comes to that. My top pick is their Lemon and Pistachio. It seems..."
Jang Abane-Maestro
"I've always been in love with macarons specially from Laduree. And now that they're finally here in Manila. I can't slip on this out. The place will..."
Karlo Maneja Dela Cruz
"Laduree ShangLaduree brings back a lot of memories of our NY trip in 2014 . Who knew then that somebody was going to bring this famous shop..."
"Pricy macaroons at 150 pesos per piece but they're delicous and there are a lot of flavors to choose from.Great to give as a gift to special..."
Nom Nom
"Heaven with every bite. It is a bit pricey but it is good macaroons. The flavors are amazing and the presentation is great! I would have loved it to..."
Aimee Buzeta
"My favorite macaron shop. I love everything at Ladurée. From the macarons, to the elegant interiors. Though, they're not cheap, but definitely worth..."
"We bought a box of 6 macarons and paid Php 1,200.00. (flavors: salted caramel, lemon, peach, orange, coconut and blackcurrant)It is a..."
Rucelle Aquino
"The shop was sophisticated - from it's chandeliers to the displays. The price was three times more compared to other macaron shops (Bizu,..."
Hanna Christelle Ho
"After exploring Ortigas, my brother and I wandered at Rockwell where our feet settled in this majestic shop, the very first in the Philippines,..."
Alissa Paula Gamol
"Hurts the wallet but just as good as I remember it in Paris. The rose flavor and lemon flavors are my favorite! The price is actually similar to SG..."
"This place is heaven! and very expensive too. I tried a lot of macarons from different places like TWG, Tous les Jours, Bizu, The French Baker and..."
Celeste Ferrer
"Tres cher! Tres bon!Laduree macarons are just what you should have to envision yourself strolling down Parisien streets.Sweetness..."
Boodle Bear
"Laduree is in Paris, London and, now, Makati!!Certainly the most expensive macarons in the metro:but also the best! I loved the..."
"I just died and went to heaven! I felt really happy as I stepped in the first Laduree store in the Philippines. I first saw this in pinterestand now..."
"Now you want some awesome macaroons and apparently flown in from Paris as advised then this is the store to come. Yes, you are paying at a higher..."
Jay McLean
"I thought this Laduree has a cafe inside. But, overall the place was chic as any other Ladurees in the world. Their macarons are as delicious too...."
Regine Alvarez
"So glad Ladurée is finally in Manila! I don't need to go to Europe or look forward so much to trips to Hk anymore just to get my hands on these..."
"4 stars mainly because of the look and feel of the place. 👍🏻 If you're the type who falls in love with bright and colorful dessert places, you..."
Mary Grace Vasquez
"Laduree is finally in Manila. LADUREE IS FINALLY IN MANILA. Expensive macarons but definitely worth every centavo. The macarons are flown in from..."
Marzie Marzan
"Here it is. Finally. The moment I've been waiting for. For years I've been dreaming and wondering what this Macaron heaven was like. This place..."
"been looking forward to this. we actually had a hard time finding the place thanks to our good sense of direction, hahaha. place is super nice. they..."
"Ladurèe Macarons is the most delicious macarons I've ever tasted. It's pricey compared to others but really worth trying. I highly recommend the..."
Pia Lopez
"The best macarons in the world? Possibly. With its signature sweets flown in directly from Paris to elevate our palates towards a more elegantly..."
Andrew Fornier
"Thank God they're here already! Been waiting for them since the start of the year. Best macaron de Paris i've ever tasted, the balance of the sweet..."
Alvin Ong | TFC
"Laduree macarons are without a doubt the finest macarons you'll ever get anywhere in the world. Taste aside their packaging and presentation are..."
"Fiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaallllllllyyyyyyy!!!! The first Ladurée macarons I ever tasted were bought at the Champs-Elysées location, given by..."
Janix Lo
"Ladurée finally arrived in Manila! It is located in 8rockwell Building just across Ateneo Rockwell Campus. It was the old site of Pancake House,..."
Jess Lauchengco
Tabletaft Boardgame Cafe
87/100 (280 ratings)
"The shakes watered my crops and walked my..."
Angelica Perez
"Went there for a friends birthday, servers were very attentive and friendly, food was delicious, it wasnt as well ventilated but it was still a great..."
Aki Kinori
"First time to try a board game café and I really enjoyed it! The game coach was patient enough to explain rules of the games we played. Some games..."
Patricia Jarmin L. Pua
"A good place to relieve your stress away. Price is reasonable. You can stay as long as you can. All of the staff are very warm and kind. Definitely..."
Jhockz Lorenzo
"Awesome place to hang out with friends! The staff were super friendly. Food was also great! Plus, they also had a wide selection of board games to..."
"A boardgame cafe with excellent food?? This place has it all! *screams* chicken teriyakii!!! No extra charge for playing boardgames which..."
"I have no problem with their food and service it was amazing. What killed my dining experience was their customers. The place is full of weaboos...."
Trisha Jarabelo
"Me and my friends decided to go to tabletaft just a few hours ago to have fun aaaaaand.. they didn't disappoint us. 😊 We enjoyed their boardgames...."
"Good food with great friends. Nice ambiance and a friendly server. Perfect for barkadas and family. For your next foodtrip, try this on your list...."
Tina Bernardo
"So this place has been my go to place when I want to hang out with friends. The staffs are accommodating and friendly, the food is good and there is..."
J Anne Roxas
"Went here last week just to explore new places near our place. Experience here was awesome! But there are still room for improvements I know. Keep it..."
Rommel Jayson
"It's my first time to try a board games café, and it didn't disappoint me.. from their games to their food! I tried the;✔️ Taco..."
Redge Palma
"Gusto ko yung food nila, lalo na yung Salsa Verde Fish Fillet Rice Bowl nila. Tama lang yung pricing ng food nila sa serving and quality. Yung staff..."
Ken Limson Villamor
"If board games and having fun with your friends is your thing, then TableTaft is the right place to go!Food (⭐️⭐️) - I love their..."
Thiara Esteban
"My sisters wanted to try a boardgame cafe and TableTaft was the nearest to my place. The place is quite small but since we visited on a Sat (lunch..."
Bea Rigodon
"It was our first time to visit TableTaft Boardgame Cafe and yes it was an enjoyable experience. Since you will have a nice ambiance of the place,..."
Richel Pedregosa-Barcelona
"The dog bit me! Awww! Actually, it's one of the games we played when we attended the Grand Launch of Table Taft Board Game Cafe.THE..."
"I really appreciated the friendly staff, particularly the guy who taught us how to play the board games. (Sorry, Kuya, I forgot your name.) This is a..."
"Was invited during the launch event of TableTaft and I was really excited to try out new games aside from my usual Snakes & Ladders, Monopoly, and..."
"Within Taft University Mall  is a student budget-friendly board game cafe called TableTaft. With a wide array of board games, TableTaft is a safe..."
Raina Cheng
"It was my first time to be inside University Mall, a go to mall by college students around the area for mostly dining. Each of its floors are filled..."
"Last saturday we had a fun filled afternoon playing board games at Table Taft Grand Launch. In support with our fellow foodie Denise Jestine Ang the..."
"We went here during their opening week so it was a bit crowded and noisy. The servers are nice and accommodating and take the time to explain the..."
Kimi Barra
"My friends and I went to Tabletaft last April 6 to de-stress and we weren't disappointed. Although tabletaft is like any other boardgame cafes out..."
"One of the board game cafes around Taft hence the creative name, TableTaft offers plenty of board games ranging from complicated to casual. They can..."
Bears Looking For Food
"Definitely one of the best places to play board games with friend. Be it during a break or a reunion of some sort. The place has plenty of games to..."
"For only Php 100, you can enter and start playing games with your friends. The entrance fee is waived when you order something greater than Php 100...."
Kristine Redillas
"Table Taft Boardgames Cafe. I went to this place after lunch to meet my friends and to probably find a good dessert. It was very noisy and..."
Simōne King
A Bite Of Sichuan
87/100 (56 ratings)
Late Night
"A bite of Sichuan is friendly surroundings also very cultural, you can try any Sichuan classic dishes in here, spicy and very nice, food is..."
John Mark Gariando Reyes
"If compared to other restaurants that serves authentic cuisines, I’d say A Bite of Sichuan is a contender! The way the dishes are cooked and served..."
Favel Joy Dela Cruz
"Restaurant you should try while in Pasay. I love their spicy crab and steamed lobster, it was served fresh and tasty. I and my whole family enjoyed..."
"Superb! I had read some article of A bite of Sichuan, I have to say if you are a spicy fan, pls come here to make your dream come true! Almost..."
Catherine Consigra
"Authentic Sichuan food! The menu is in Chinese with English translation, not for the faint of heart, food is very spicy and Mala. Price is quite..."
Kirsten Bautista Habawel
"Best Chinese food in manila, fresh seafood anytime, Sichuan food is nice and the serving is big, price is very reasonable compare to other restaurant..."
Mary Anne Amular
"Excellent Sichuan restaurant in Manila, next to golden phoenix hotel, the location is convenience, great place for quality food, a bite of Sichuan..."
"Wonderful experience in Manila, delicious food at best price, good service, the food is well prepared and high quality and tasted great, the staff is..."
"It’s a nice place to have a dinner or lunch. my favorite is their pork congee, also the fried rice good too, my friend ordered special plum juice..."
"Best Sichuan dishes in manila! Classic restaurant, very beautiful place, the food was delicious and the service was good too, will be back..."
"Chinese reasonable chinese foods, yummy yummy yummy! A bite of Sichuan is one of my favorite place in manila! The seafood they made so many different..."
"Glad to say it was a good experience overall, delicious dishes, fried rice, snacks and chicken soup, those are amazing. Service was great, quite..."
Caroline Cabantog
"Foods here are the best ! This place has great tasting Chinese food, the servers are very fast and efficient. You can also have rooms reserved if you..."
"New Resto Alert!A Bite of Sichuan is the sister restaurant of A Bite of Hunan which we enjoyed some months back in BGC.This..."
"It was another spicy and exotic food gathering, with A Bite of Sichuan. This new restaurant is located at the Ground Floor of Golden Phoenix Hotel in..."