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Cafe Ilang-ilang
90/100 (1049 ratings)
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Late Night
Salad Station
Cakes and Desserts
Pizza Station
Steak and Salmon Corner
Fruit and Desserts Bar
Dim Sum
Korean Dishes
Beef tenderloin
Sushi and Sashimi Combo
Mandarin Duck
Roast Beef
Seafood Counter
Peking Duck
Foie Gras
Juice & Smoothies
Ice Cream
Baby Back Ribs
Garlic Prawns
Hong Kong
"I have tried Breakfast and Lunch and the selection is..."
Sheren Claire Vasquez
"Loved the selection of food. Didn't like the set up though. Went with our visitors and we all had difficulty in finding the Japanese section. There..."
Rakesh M
"I have given an odd and personal gauge for my ratings of hotel buffet before, and that is their attention to making their finisher dishes good..."
Asch And Sieglind
"For the price you pay on a promo, cafe ilang ilang is hard to beat. Specially in thursday when they have foie gras. The spread is wide and..."
Bob Azcor
"Round 1 - Get the ROAST BEEF STEAK ! It's near the Chinese Cuisine area. Then head on to the grill and get the LAMB CHOPSRound 2 - Seafood...."
Margaret Chan
"Loved it so so so much ♥️ i used a voucher, but it would have been totally worth the original price...."
"We went here to have a Sunday lunch buffet. The food was delicious and so many food to choose from. This is one of the best buffet hotel restaurant..."
Scotty Wilburt See
"Their seafood night is so lit. 👌 I also love their japanese section. Good food and Great staff will definitely go back with my family and friends...."
Miel Solidum
"Everything superb. I love the coffee section, each latte I ordered came out so beautiful and tasty. The ice cream had a surprising amount of..."
"Tried their buffet thanks to BDO’s 50% promo. Food was superb! Almost everything was of the best quality (for a buffet meal). I particularly loved..."
Louise Martin
"We expected the place would be really crowded judging from the reviews i’ve seen online and knowing it’s in Manila Hotel. My whole family stayed..."
Tine Jadormeo Clemente
"One of the ultimate buffet places to go to with value for money because of their awesome promos for some card holders. Perfect for special..."
Charmagne Yerro
"This buffet restaurant inside Manila hotel is a good start to define your cravings. Know why? Simply because this foods are definitely satisfy all..."
"Currently our go-to buffet place.They have the best seafood buffet in town (thurs to sat). A lot better than Spiral IMHO. Unlimited lobster, sea..."
"Great food and service. Good Ambiance and highly recommended buffet dining especially during the Seafood Friday night! Special maki is to die..."
Lhea Manongdo
"Food : 4.5Ambiance : 5Service : 4.5I've been in many restaurants and buffet in Metro like Vikings, Buffet 101, NIU and so on. So..."
"Always love the ambiance here. Been coming here since I was a child. Their burger tastes the same. Their Pancit Malabon is always yummy and full of..."
"Came here on super crowded Holy Week. The place was absolutely packed, despite that the staff did a good job in keeping all the dishes flowing and..."
"Stayed at the hotel for an event and we availed of their lunch buffet. Was really looking forward to trying their roast beef but it wasnt available...."
Pau V. Flavier
"I love the Breakfast Buffet here. That's why I always look forward to eating my breakfast whenever I I stay for the night in Manila..."
"We tried their american night dinner buffet. The roast beef was tender, loved the lechon with truffle rice, the desserts were great, lobster was..."
Mica Valenzuela
"Foods are great during friday seafood theme night, lots of seafood and all food taste good, i love to keep coming back here at least once a month..."
Danny Espinosa Liao
"I've eaten here over 10 times and its hands down my favorite buffet in Manila. It has the best selection and I love the Japanese room and..."
Bob C
"One of the best buffet restaurants in Manila for sure. Food from around the world and very good as well. Attentive staff. Plan your dishes and..."
"We tried their dinner buffet and we were pleased with all the different cuisines. Their food were presented really nice and the service crew were..."
Gigiiiiii 🍛
"One of my favorite hotel buffets in the Metro.Appreciative of the range of different cuisines ( especially indian) which was really..."
Joma Sanchez
"I had a stay @ The Manila Hotel & I had my breakfast at the Cafe Ilang Ilang throughout the stay. Loved their food & the service., even their dinner..."
"We went here like 3 times already and it is still a pleasant surprise which makes me want to go back again! For me Cafe Ilang-Ilang have the best..."
Roxy Dimanalata
"Kumain kami dito kagabi kasi birthday ng misis ko at kasama yung 2 kapatid nya (tsaka 40% off pag gagamit ka ng BDO Credit/Debit card hanggang..."
"One of the best Buffets. One of the best high-end Buffets that is. Food is legit good and you can find High end food inside. They serve..."
"The breakfast buffet was pretty good. You get the standard breakfast food that you would typically crave, as well as those that you won't really find..."
"Came here on a friday due to there unlimited lobster. Got a good discount at deal grocer. A very pleasant experience. We actually left with literally..."
Riz Sugba
"Been to Manila Hotel several times but wasn’t able to dine there but this time I celebrated my 27th Birthday and our 2nd Anniversary at the Cafe..."
Ann Maniclang
"Can't think of any unpleasant experience here. I always enjoy dining at this place. Maybe the only downside is the price, but you get what you pay..."
Ana Alryne
"No need a long review for this hotel buffet, simply wonderful. For me, it's the best among the hotel buffets in Manila, better than Spiral which has..."
"I celebrated my birthday by eating dinner here and it was the perfect meal. There are so many stations but my favorite has to be the Japanese..."
Ens Manahan
"We had an overnight stay with my family in Manila Hotel. The buffet breakfast in cafe ilang ilang was great! 😊 We will definitely come back for..."
Gen Cartalla Torio
"The place was jam packed on Sunday Lunch. Food was great, wide selection and fresh. ambiance is very classy and romantic. Service is also good, fast..."
"August 11, 2018 11:30am LWF - We originally scheduled to eat here yesterday but something came up and we rescheduled for today. Thankfully the..."
Carlo M. Tecson
"After staying infor the night, we had our brunch here at Cafe Ilang Ilang. The breakfast buffet spread was awesome! All our favorite breakfast food..."
Liz Ng
"I must say as this was my first time dining there, I was impressed.. I liked all the variety of their buffet. All meals from starters/salad to main..."
"I’ve recently eaten the buffet here but that was my first time, last June. I loved their Smoked Salmon which is a top hit, their steak is also good..."
Justine Lauren B. Chan
"You won't go wrong with Cafe Ilang Ilang. A nice place to celebrate with loved ones. Been here for 3-4 times for birthdays, graduation, and get..."
Amy Villegas
"Our family's go to buffet. I always love this buffet compared to other hotel buffets. The sections are organized. The staff are really accomodating,..."
"Of course who wouldn’t give a 5 star here. Always craving their choco tarttt! Omgggg! It’s the bomb! Would recommend this for any special event...."
Mef DB
"Tried the lunch buffet here and overall it was ok. There were different types of cuisine that were cooked well, just what you'd expect in a..."
"We stayed at the hotel and the room came with a complimentary breakfast buffet. I loved how the choices weren't overwhelming and that they had really..."
Hey Hey
"I celebrated my birthday in Manila Hotel and had a chance to try their buffet breakfast during our stay. They serve delicious food and I love that..."
Ayushi Malik
"FOODFORTHOUGHT:The refurbished and relaunched cafe Ilang-Ilang is one of the best, if not the best luxury buffet in Manila right now! They are..."
"I love this buffet place! I especially love their steak station where they carve a piece of steak from a huge slab of meat and cook it to your..."
Cristine Dominguez
"My favorite buffet spread because of the quality of food they serve. Too many choices is just as annoying as having none so the selection here is..."
"I think its our 3rd or 4th time to dine here at cafe ilang ilang its my top choice for hotel buffet. Not so many choices compare to other buffet but..."
Victor Yap
"Buffet!!!!! I think I was here,....friday night. Seafood night. What can I say more, unlimited lobster, shrimps and crab made me really really happy..."
Joanna Rose Cruz
"This is my all-time favorite buffet, so maybe I’m a bit biased. I used to like Spiral the most, but it’s so hard to shell out 3K per head..."
Jesse Lui
"Third Review: July 2018 - 4/5The Manila Hotel has been our top of mind choice in celebrating special occasions, since my sister's..."
Jomarie Ang (Eat Drink Splurge)
"It was my first time to eat their lunch buffet and never got wrong with the idea to try it with my colleagues. 💚Definitely the food they..."
Anika Jin
"Awesome place and lots of food choices on diffrent cuisines. :) Servers are accomodating and friendly. I recommend eating here from time to time...."
Elmer Castillo Corono
"We have always been fans of Cafe Ilang Ilang and have celebrated many occasions here.Food-wise, highlight is always the amazing and..."
"Great service! The food was great, as usual. It was my first time at the renovated Cafe Ilang-Ilang; the space suffered compared to the..."
K @
"Food ⭐️⭐️⭐️Place ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Service ⭐️⭐️⭐️Been hearing about this luxurious experience with..."
"Great ambience, super delicious steak and has an oh so heavenly desserts section. I'm a huge fan of desserts and rarely does it happen that..."
Princess Norombaba
"Free breakfast buffet from our stay so might as well take advantage of it. Typically, our standards for buffet are lower but we have already enjoyed..."
"food choices ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5 (glad they have a few cheeses available... but wish they have more)food quality ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5 (big slices..."
Yohanny Eats
Zhou Fei
"Cafe Ylang Ylang has a wide selection of different kind of food hands up to the foods that they serves and also they have a very friendly staff who..."
Fat Girls Day Out
"For me, this is still one of the best hotel buffets here in the metro. My favorite is their Japanese section for their sashimi, sushi & teppanyaki..."
Joyce Hailar
"My friends and I decided to celebrate the "Despedida" of our friend @ Manila Hotel. And at the same time, this would be our first time to spend..."
Jayvee Lapina Ardona
"We had dinner on a Sunday. We love the carvings especially the roast beef. It is amazingly tender and savory. I prefer my steak medium well. The..."
May Pineda
"One of my regular go-to places and staycation-- the Manila Hotel and its Cafe Ilang Ilang will not disappoint. A place of history which had its..."
Sheera Brown
Harbor View Restaurant
82/100 (750 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Late Night
Fried rice
"When my siblings have their vacation here in the philippines our driver suggested this place which is by the way walking distance from Hotel H2O were..."
Kathleen Alejandro
"Was surprised that the food tasted good 😁 serving size matches price, madami nman pla. Everything is tasty: ampalaya con carne, clam soup,..."
Amor Ulep
"Couldn’t fault this restaurant for anything- ambience is good, food is good, staff very nice, polite and attentive. Reasonably priced as..."
Golda Magabilin
"This place is really nice because of the ambience and the perfect view of the bay. Typical Filipino food served on a great location. Would love to..."
Angielyn Morales
"Fresh seafood out of the tank, sashimi, and everything in between. The food here is very good and a great place for dining in groups so you can share..."
"Great food and ambiance and friendly staff, my family and I went there last week and we enjoyed our stay there and I would like commend the staff for..."
Nathaniel Nicolai Bermoy
"Nice setting and good vibes. We were impressed by the sunset and had a very good dining experience. The ambience is unique with the harbour view and..."
Eliel Reyes
"This place is somehow memorable to me because this is where I introduced my ex-boyfriend to my brother. The ambience is really good. It's..."
Rhodalyn Flores
"The place is a classic as it has been there for ages and has been relatively mantained despite their high customer flow. We went there night time and..."
"Since I live around Intramuros, this has been always my go-to place for intense carb loading. Hahahaha. I love their SEAFOOD FRIED RICE and..."
Vivi Choa
"I like the seafoods here,and grilled pusit,hmnnnnn,so yummy,how many times weve been here,i dnt have photos dont have mobile phone that time but i..."
ElizaCabrera💞GOD IS GOOD💞
"The place has been running for many years. It's being patronized by locals, foreigners and celebrities. What I really love about it is the view of..."
"This place is awesome. Totally underrated if you ask me. Menu's pretty diverse, but mostly Filipino dishes. If you're craving for seafood, then this..."
Elogene Karl Gallos
"Found this place by chance when hubby and I were walking around Manila. I felt like I was in a different location because the restau was overlooking..."
Denise Foodie
"Love the place since my boyfriend brought me here for our 3rd Anniversary celebration. The place is so serene! If you're craving for Filipino food,..."
JA Zamudio
"Harbor view is the place to be in manila to savor delicious sea food with a premium location on a deck over  the sea overlooking manila bay...."
Food Swings (Raço)
"Was our first time here last summer. You're not just going to enjoy their food, you're going to enjoy the view, too. It's relaxing. Their food was..."
"I've always been in love with this place eversince I was brought here by my boyfriend. The vibe of the place is very serene and romantic. Food are..."
Chicharown (Roan Santiago)
"This place has withstand the time and tides in Manila Bay and this used to be a go to place of most people who wants to eat seafoods and enjoy the..."
Fridate Diaries By Cecil Valle
"Once every two to three years my siblings from Maryland, Connecticut and New york come and visit Manila. The first place we think off is Harbor View...."
Felix F B. Ira III
"What I really liked here is their place. You have a choice if you want to dine inside with a view of the bay or upstairs with a much better scene to..."
Joyce Palisoc
"Yesterday's dinner at this place was great. Quick service, good food & very nice AMBIENCE.. We came in group of 6 (4 adults & 2kids), we ordered pork..."
"Dine here in the late afternoon or in the evening to experience Manila Bay's real beauty. This is one of those places that Manilenos should be proud..."
Sushi Santos
"had a late lunch there yesterday. with the tide still up, the surrounding waters were clean and the sea breeze took away much of the afternoon..."
Noel Ruiz
"I picked this place for lunch after doing our Pedicab Tour of Intramuros and was surprised that there is such a restaurant here in Manila which..."
"I didnt know that this reataurant still exists. I remember that I first went here with my family way back in college. I think now they just changed..."
"Quite frankly you can have better tasting meals at home but you just can't get the view and the cool breeze by the bay anywhere. A cool beer, the..."
Micky Domingo
"Defenitely ain't the best floating restaurant but you can't claim you know Manila if you still haven't tried such dinning experience. It's..."
Doc Ian
"I was amazed at the location of this place because of the view and breeze. This is a good place for family gatherings, special occations or just for..."
"It's my Aunt's birthday!She took us here for some dinner by the bay. We ordered Sinigang na Salmon Belly and Crispy Pata are two of their many..."
Sarah Kaye Martinez Rodriguez
"This is a childhood resto for me, the first i ate here was i was a 4th grader. We had a japanese friend touring the country and decided to take us to..."
"The first time I ate here was back in 1995 when I was 5yrs old. Ever since, it has become a family favorite. I guess I can say I’ve been eating..."
Chef Mcelroy
"We used to dine here specially for dinner. Harbour View is a long stretch of bridge along Manila Bay that allows you to dine seemingly in the middle..."
N Cruz
"My tito usually invited us to eat lunch here at Harbor View. They also serve filipino food and you will love the view of manila bay with windy..."
Rosel Legarde
"Harbor View has been our family's run-to for as long as I could remember.May it be a special occasion or not..."
Colleen Guimbal
"Harbor View is one of those places you go on a special occasion. Or sometimes if you're just feeling happy. It offers you some amazing seafood dishes..."
Simply Thai
81/100 (338 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Late Night
Pad Thai
Green Curry
"Wsgood everybody. Lil’ Lisa here.Thai food is already bomb in itself, but this Thai place blew mine & my foodie assistant’s mind. We..."
Annalisa Abarquez
"If you wanna have a taste of authentic thai food, this is one of the thai restaraunts you should go to. And they also have good customer service...."
Joey Sarines
"If you like Thai food you have to eat here. Unquestionably the best Thai restaurant in..."
Toby Ayre
"The food is not cheap, but you get what you pay for - the food looks good and tastes great. The pad thai with egg lattice was so freaking cute. It..."
"Amazing food, what I liked the most is the menu has clearly mentioned vegetarian section. The food we ordered had pineapple fried rice.. it was very..."
Parsuram Dash
"Good food but the long service was disappointing. Ordered traditional pad thai which was a bit ok, chicken satay and patbung with crispy..."
Jan Michael Quisumbing
"Loved the flavor and how tasty their green curry chicken and pad thai were. Will come back to try their other dishes and desserts. The ambiance..."
"Plenty of food selection and the food tasted delicious, but the servings were on the smaller side. Servers were patient and friendly too, and the..."
"I ate here early on Wednesday evening and ordered Chicken Satay and Pad Thai which were both delicious. They have San Miguel on draft which is a..."
"Our ordered:-Salted fish fried rice (4/5)The taste is kind of authentic and yummy.- Kangkong garlic (4/5)Good..."
"We ordered Khao pad Kra-Praow (without the vegetables) and Aromatic Prawn Curry. The Khao pad Kra-Praow (it's like a fried rice with some chicken)..."
Angelica Divine Alan
"Very nice Thai Resto. One of the best Curry we’ve had, and the prawn cakes are yum. Nice service, reasonably priced. The downside is that if you..."
"All jobs are kind of stressful. Even if you say you love your job, there’s always this time you feel more tired than the usual, more pressured than..."
May Vargas
"Craving for Thai food and happy to have found this place in Makati. We ordered the Beef Rendang (I rarely find the perfect recipe but I liked theirs..."
Marga Go
"I think this is the tastiest thai restaurant in manila. The food variations is quite a lot. As for the ambience, it's just natural thing that most of..."
Hary S Soelistio
"We had dinner there last week and loved the place. I still crave for Thai food after returned from Thailand trip a week before and Simply Thai didn't..."
Joseph Holman
"Not a new place in greenbelt but I can say they're one of the good thai restos in the metro. Noteable dishes are the shrimp cake, spring roll, and..."
Mindful Eater
"Super loved the food however this is pricey. I do not have pictures of our beef rendang , halo halo and ice cream. Bill was ₱4k. Yes. 😭. But..."
Elah Yam
"Ambiance: 3.5/5Cleanliness: 3.8/5Customer Service: 4/5 ( waiters are very attentive in your water to be filled)Food: 3.9/5Value..."
Matthew Ezekiel Ong
"Loved the fact that this place's authenticity is in the details (e.g. lime for the pad thai, orchids for garnish) Loved their crispy crab dish! Loved..."
Monique Cotaco
"Review as of March 2017Updated as of August 2018Simply Thai serves simply delicious Thai food (though it may be a little on the pricey..."
Hilary Hao
"Loved the Thai dishes here. Tom Kha Gai was goodGolden Tofu appetizer was just okSom Tam salad was excellent Basil Beef was..."
"The restaurant's ambience is great. The lamb shank is really tasty. The satay is okay and the crab cakes are delicious. The only thing that is a..."
"According to my thai friend it is not original enough. I think otherwise so if you are not thai you may want to go there. Menu in any case covers..."
Jean-Francois Pinera
"I'm not really a fan of Thai food but Simply thai changed this. They have the best chicken pandan i ever tasted!!!! Nice staff and good ambiance..."
Angeli Abelo
"Food and service is excellent! The ambiance is also great, Chicken Pad Thai and there citrus drinks are most recommended 😁 Good place to hang out..."
Dante D. Julian Jr.
"If yu are craving for Thia cuisine, this place is a good idea. It can be a bit pricey, but the food is 👌🏼. Thai iced tea - 10Pad..."
Celine T
"I needed to train my stomach to eat more these days for an eating contest I will be participating in this coming Saturday.  Since I hardly go out..."
Mary Love Siy
"[Late post.] I needed to train my stomach to eat more these days for an eating contest I will be participating in..."
Mary Love Siy
"Thai food is my favorite. It is at-par with Krung Thai resto. It serves authentic thai dishes. The difference with the tom yum soup within this resto..."
Food Tripper
"Flavourful Thai food.very good service.nice ambience.Chicken with lotus stem ws awesome.also liked the chicken rice.price is on the higher side, but..."
Amrita Priyadarsini
"Good food. Nice staff. Cozy ambiance and less crowd. What more would you ask for? The price was reasonable because all the dishes are delicious...."
"Last night was a very stressful and tiring one and being in the company of your friends is just a perfect way to wrapped out a terrible day. Since we..."
Jhoanne Marie
"I just love, love Thai food. And I loved it in here. Taste was good, especially their chicken curry!! Serving was huge. Price was reasonable. Crews..."
Rizza Faustino
"overall the food was good. they just lack the level of spice expected from a thai resto. the presentation was great! a thai place that we would..."
Poonam Kaler
"i love thai foods.. i had dinner with my boyfriend and it was really good.. the place, the atmosphere, the server.. definitely, we'll be going back..."
Merill Rubante
"Had spent a Saturday evening with friends, enjoyed sitting outdoors. Had thai chicken satay, spring rolls, seafood basket in appetisers - good taste,..."
"My first dining experience here was overwhelming. Their authentic dishes were nothing but superb. To add to that, the ambiance of the place was..."
Clar C.
"I am quite fond of Thai food not only because it's spicy but there's just something their spices and herbs do to my body that I'm always a satisfied..."
Tintin Francisco
"Wandering around Greenbelt and wanting to eat at a place we haven't tried before, we ended up at Simply Thai. It has an indoor fine dining concept..."
Dennis Carlson Lim | TFC
"My roomate and I are fans of Thai food. Our first attempt in the Makati mall area was Soi in Glorietta which failed to deliver. So we moved on to..."
Nowie M
"Food: 5/5My companion & I ordered Chicken Satay, Beef Curry, Citrus and Herbs Pitcher and Tapioca Pearls for dessert. When the chicken satay..."
"It was Mother’s Day when we dined here, and got their Tapioca Pearls delicious complimentary treat. I was able to take a bite of it, and reveled in..."
The Hungry Employee
"We are frequent visitors due to the excellent food and service. I cannot say this is authentic Thai food but I can say it is really delicious!..."
"Restaurant is located at 1st flr. Greenbelt 5 beside CBTL. One of the good places to satisfy your thai food cravings from their array of curry dishes..."
Kc Tseng
"I am not very familiar to Thai Cuisines, so I never go to Thai restaurants that I came across. But since I wanted to broaden my foodie know how and..."
Rachelle Ann G. Bautista
"Awesome ambience and nice location, Great service, nice food. Food quantity is also good and can be shared between 2. Expense for 2 person..."
Kumar Prashant
"Fell in love with Thai food some years ago so once in a while I explore some Thai restos.This was a pleasant surprise. Tucked in one of the..."
Ilai Llena
"I loooooooooooove their pad thai. Definitely will go back when thai food crave strikes. They have a really good fish too but i forgot the name lol..."
Greta Hogendorp
"Lamb Shank Massaman Curry, Tod Man Kung and Pad thai! Simply Thai is located at Greenbelt 5, Ground floor! Everythingthat we ordered were super..."
Anne Camille Clemente
Emerald Garden
81/100 (1766 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Late Night
Fried rice
Chinese restaurant per table price
Hong Kong
"Date of visit: January 2020We had already dined there 10 years ago and I enjoyed it back then. It was the same experience when we recently..."
"If you want a non-pretentious legit Chinese food, you better head to Emerald Green. Though be ready lang because the place is always packed! Why..."
Agnes Amor Taboclaon
"Very tasty chicken really memorable, the food servers were really kind, heard that 3 Philippine Presidents used to eat in this 32 year old restaurant..."
Kali Alaia
"My first time to be in Emerald. A relative suggested this place. I was just confused because price on their menu list does not match the one here on..."
Diane Vizmanos-Capulong
"Had celebrated a belated Father's day dinner with my entire family here, and we're a family of seven, of mostly grown boys with hearty appetites. The..."
PC Magnaye
"When you crave for good and affordable chinese food, you need to go to popular places like Binondo. Emerald Garden has been a frequented..."
"Emerald Garden has always been a great place for Chinese food. Servings were plenty and the servers were really attentive to our needs. The food was..."
Conrigo Boya Santos
"I was in Manila last June with my fiancee and had brunch? or late breakfast there every day. It may not be fancy, but the food is delicious! If you..."
James Edwards
"A legend among the old-time favorite Chinese restaurants, Emerald still brings in the foodie fans.BUT Emerald has its hits and..."
Boodle Bear
"We used to frequent this restaurant almost every month or two so it was refreshing to see its new look since our last visit years ago. Dine-in space..."
Patrick Unson
"We had dinner there the other night with some relatives from the province. Some were a bit unsure because of the ambiance and their dimsum wasn't..."
The Northernpeak
"had lunch here with our long time nun friend, our spiritual warrior for a couple of decades now. where else do we bring her to? best place in mind is..."
"The staffs were really nice! The food tasted really good aswell, The place was very nice and clean they also served the food fast. Really loved it!..."
Camilla Ducut
"First time to eat here together with my family. The food are pretty amazing, authentic Chinese. One thing i do not like here is the..."
Anika Jin
"Great for big families! The service was nice but the food was better. Their serving was huge! I recommend for you to ask how big the serving was..."
"The parents brought home the famed Emerald Special Siopao! For 120pesos you get a hefty portion of siopao filled with roast pork, salted egg, Chinese..."
Eboy M. Donato
"Another Chinese restaurant favorite - although it takes a little effort to dine here as it’s all the way in Roxas Boulevard. We’ve only gone here..."
Cielo Gutierrez
"The place looks a bit shabby but the food here is great! It was crowded when we get here probably because it was a weekend but we didn't have to wait..."
Jey C | Hungry Mommy
"Food and service is good at a very affordable price. They also have a parking area. I keep on coming back so i become familiar with the service..."
Editha Onggon
"This restaurant needs to renovate the place. It looks like a carinderia. What you should try:Crispy pork..."
Rhea Deborah
"We had the Siopao and Congee for Saturday breakfast.  Very good and attentive service.  Large serving size.  The Siopao can feed at least 2..."
Let Us Eat
"The food taste good. The patatim is unforgettable. I just love to eat here. Although the place is quite old, the food still taste the same even after..."
Crave Feast Burp
"The family's go to restaurant for celebrations. It's the ever typical chinese restaurant however I can say amongst them Emerald would be the best. A..."
Diet No More
"Pros: Free parking; huge servings; DELICIOUS food; reasonable price; attentive wait staffWe ordered chicken, dimsum, fried rice and shrimp rice..."
Mari Gere
"Food 5/5Portion 5/5Service 4/5Cleanliness 4/5Parking 3.5/5Ambience 2/5Value for money 3.5/5Overall dining..."
"It was hard for me to finally get my hands on their Siopao. This I tell you, their siopao is the only siopao with bola-bola that I enjoyed. Ever. You..."
Sushi Santos
"I've been passing by this restaurant until a friend introduce me to this place. It is one of the old and authentic Chinese restaurant in Manila. The..."
"Emerald is a popular resto since my childhood time. Me and my wife drop by here to have dinner.they lessen Food ingredients. In all the food we..."
Victor Yap
"Went here for dinner and we were really hungry at that time but surprisingly, we almost didnt touch the chicken. The servings are big and the taste..."
Aira Mae Putiz
"First time to eat here for a post-meeting lunch, and even though we only sampled the gigantic Emerald Special siopao and their standard pancit..."
Lawrence San Diego
"If you are really looking for Chinese food, this is the place to be! I love all the dishes that they have. The place is quite old but the food are..."
Jethro Garcia
"I don't know why they had to make the place smaller. This is a very good Chinese Restaurant and me and my family come here in special occasions. Food..."
Trisha Magbayao
"I had to visit a friend in Malate and I was thankful it’s a Sunday. The traffic on other days is unacceptable. I took advantage of this trip and..."
"I had to visit a friend in Malate and I was thankful it's a Sunday. The traffic on other days is unacceptable. I took advantage of this trip and..."
"This used to be a must-visit when we have relatives over. I don't know what happened, but the taste in quality has gone down a bit. Service and..."
Gigi Ramos
"one of my favorite chinese resto! I will never get tired of eating here. My mom loves to dine here. The Shrimp with cashew nuts is a must! The..."
Krys Rapanut
"I will never get tired of ordering my usual Shrimp Hofan and steamed dumplings from this place. The taste is just addicting apart from being healthy...."
Chester Velasco
"Authentic chinese food at its best! Very sinful but very good. I always buy a lot of their siopao to go because its that good. We also had their taro..."
Tori Lori
"Same good old excellent food. Fast service. 4 dishes for just 1000 good for 5 people. The annex is the only building left. This is the all time..."
Jeffrey Ryan Sy
"The food is good. Waiters and waitresses are not too attentive, they seems to be not too happy with their jobs. The furniture, table cloth, chairs..."
Purely Biz
"Emerald GardenEmerald Garden used to be the gold standard for high level fine dining Chinese cuisine. They used to have such a big dining..."
"Decades of continually serving us Authentic Chinese Cuisine! It has not been as it used to be, but they are still good :) one of the very few..."
"I tried their much talked about giant Special Siopao and it was huge and it was all kinds of awesome. The size is too big for 1 person but bitin for..."
Nilo Baranda
"Emerald Garden is already a "classic" when it comes to authentic Chinese cuisine. The place itself is kinda old, but people still flock to this..."
Francis Moria
"Since I was a kid, my parents live to bring us in this restaurant. It has always been our favorite place to dine in especially whenever we're craving..."
Aisha Fajardo
"I was introduced to this branch by my brother-in-law when we hung out together last month. The place was a typical Chinese restaurant, lots of big..."
Cristina Poso
"My officemate made me try their lemon chicken. Normally I only eat a few when it comes to lemon chicken. However, theirs is so yummy and tasteful..."
Joseph Luis
"Emerald has been around for decades.  It serves good Chinese food at affordable price.  I was surprised to know that it's also popular among my..."
Vivian Co
"I love everything about emerald. The place might not be the swankiest place you will ever see however the food is top notch all the way. Especially..."
Marco Miranda
"Emerald Garden is still one of our choices for breakfast after our morning jogging during Sundays. The dimsum, congee and the siopao here are really..."
Mike Yu
"Emerald Garden used to be one of the most in-demand and popular Chinese restaurants in town. I remember that this place used to be the favorite venue..."
She Co
"If you are looking for Chinese Food for breakfast, have some DIMSUM at Emerald Garden. They have the best Bola Bola Congee and Beef Hofan... love the..."
Gem Saitam
"Not the best tasting chinese cuisine. Nonetheless for the prices they are charging, I would still recommend Emerald Garden. Shrimp salad is a yum!..."
"Food was delish!!! I specifically loved their Yang Chow rice and their Four Seasons Shake is really refreshing. My mom loved it and is planning to..."
KHaye GaciLo
"I went here really for the Siopao but since my friend is treating we decided to dine here.I didn't know why she ordered the Birthday..."
Cie Cisneros
"I don't know but I prefer Luk Yuen. You can't trust me with this review though since I am not Chinese haha. I am just commenting using my Asian..."
Getting Pigger
"My family and I have been going to this place for more than 10 years! Great service, delicious authentic Chinese food and I like how instead of..."
Paula Andrea San Jose
"Very nice, authentic Chinese restaurant. Truly, a gem in the city of Manila. Well-trained staff who are courteous and attentive to each customer...."
Erika Tuazon
"This is one of the very few authentic chinese restaurants here in metro manila! They offer a lot! And the thing i love the most here is their four..."
Dion Bautista
"My first time to eat at emerald garden was a bloated experience I love their pork belly and fried chicken and of course their yang chow. I also love..."
Rosel Legarde
"I have only been to Emerald Garden a few times, but each time I go, usually with my Husband's side of the family, it is to celebrate birthdays and..."
Cristina Luis
"Emerald Garden is an absolutely wonderful gem along Roxas Boulevard in Manila. On weekends the place is often packed with families having lunch..."
Sam Fusingan
"Emerald Garden is so good that Manila City officials made it their base of operations during a hostage crisis in 2011/2012.Emerald Siopao..."
Nino Dayanghirang
"Emerald Garden = siopao. Bar..."
Lynn Basan
"Emerald Garden is my families go to Chinese restaurants for parties. Everything is good specially their seafood because it's always..."
Ruben IV
Tao Yuan Restaurant
81/100 (424 ratings)
Late Night
Fried rice
Chili Crab
Hong Kong
"excellent service... very tasty food......"
Thirdz Lodni
"Tao Yuan Seafood Restaurant Cebu is about 3km away in Amaia Steps..."
Romel Rosaldo Doncillo
"The food, especially my favorite Laksa has an authentic Singapore..."
Michael Broughton Fsc
"Used to get intimidated by Tao Yuan branch in Resorts World. Looks pricey, too. Was surprised to see this branch in Lucky Chinatown Mall which offers..."
"As always there shabu shabu is the best in town... the waiters and wait staff are quick and excellent. Try the pata tim and special fried rice......"
Tito V. Pijano III
"Pricey but cozy 👌🏻👌🏻 One of the best Chinese Restaurant in Malate. Been here many times and the tastes never gets old. A must try!🤗..."
Apple Streudel
"Good food. Garlic Crab was the best (no photo though...) Cold cutsMango..."
Vireza Wynn Yu
"Let me just say I ate the best Hainanese chicken. It wasn't dine in though, just pick up. The sauces were really to die for. I have checked out the..."
"The best top notch fine dining level Singaporean Chinese restaurant in Metro Manila! The food is very food and very tasty. We always order the staple..."
"Being in this original Tao yuen is excitement for me. I will mainly focus on the hainanese chicken because that is their signature dish. I would say..."
Jap Jap
"Love love love their Singaporean Chili Crab! The best Ive tasted in Metro Manila. Pair it with their steamed or fried buns. Perfect with..."
Aya Palmera Montebon
"Only tried their shabu shabu... The restaurant has a good feel... Good food as well... Staff is very accomodating... We usually dine here whenever..."
Jerry Nepacina
"This is one of our go-to Chinese restaurants. Food is really good, but its kinda pricey though. The Lechon Kawali is a must try! The skin..."
Candyd Sia
"This is the best Tao Yuan branch. My experience with the others was so-so. I liked their chili crab, though still not at par with the authentic ones..."
"What's not to love about Tao Yuen?Great Singaporean food has found a home here, as they serve a rockin' Hainanese Chicken, Cereal prawns (150 a..."
Chris Ong Of Kain Manila