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Taiwanese cuisine: the best places to taste it in Manila

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Oh My Chicken
85/100 (50 ratings)
Fast Food
Street Food
"Nung first time ko marinig ung Oh my chicken, Kala ko para lng fast food or something but Im wrong. So i  try it and ill recommend the chicken..."
Jel Ocampo
"The best chicken I've ever tasted. They have a big serving and the chicken is so delicious and juicy. I love the honey mayo flavor and milk tea..."
Dandani Lopera
"Super affordable price that suit in all budget. 💸👌Super sarap lalo na yung Oh My Chicken..."
Rovie Castillo Camacho
"What goes well with milk tea drinks? Super flavorful chicken! I think Oh My Chicken got that combination so well!A cold refreshing cup of..."
"super late review here... soweethis chicken stand/booth/stall that’s right in front of a school is a sure winner when it comes to..."
"🍗 Oh My Chicken PopcornRating: 5/5🌟🍵 Black Sugar Milk TeaRating:..."
"Looking for budget-friendly snacks? Chicken lover? Loves mikk tea? Here's a legit Taiwanese chicken and tea place! ✨ They serve Chicken Steak,..."
Patricia Veronica Jasmin
"This food stall located in front of the Chiang Kai Shek College is very perfect for students as it offers chicken with rice, snack and some fruit..."
Eats Food PH By Kim Bryan Lambert
"It has been at least two decades since I visited this part of town. I remember vivid visits here when I was young, accompanying my dad on his annual..."
"Oh My Chicken is an original Taiwanese franchise which offers chicken, lemonades, and teas. It's a stall that's designed mostly for customers..."
Glenn Joseph | Jogpen
"We tried this new food hub in Manila. Oh My Chicken serves Taiwanese Snacks, Milk tea and Fruit teas. I ordered for the Original..."
Foodventures By FraPao
"There is a new place near Chiang Kai Shek that offers a different experience. It is a legitimate Taiwan Tea Place.It is situated in a food..."
Marj Liwag
"A new stall across cksc padre algue, oh my chicken was a surprisingly good find for me. From afar, you can already smell the chicken they're cooking..."
"Look out for Oh My Chicken as they branch out across Metro Manila, but for now, they can only be found in front Chiang Kai Shek..."
"I can't remember the time when milk tea first became a hit in the country. It wasn't long ago, but it sure is making an early comeback. People can't..."
Midz Sy
"Of all the places that I’ve been to, if I will rate the street food when it comes to price, taste and value, I would say that Taipei is on top my..."
Sand Under My Feet
"A new eatery just opened along Alvarado Extension in Manila, giving students of nearby Chiang Kai Shek College, workers of nearby business and..."
Jellybeans In The City
Shi Lin
81/100 (209 ratings)
"What we ordered:Fried Rice w/ Chicken Chop & EggTruffle & Pork Xiao Long BaoNoodles w/ Pork ChopWhat we liked: Shi..."
The Beanie Review
"Food is pretty good. The classic xiao long bao tastes better than the other variants so make sure to order the 10pc dish. The prawn cheese sticks..."
Van Martinez
"Craving for Xiao Long Pao after some quick shopping led us to Shi Lin. It's been a while after my last visit but still find their Xia Long Pao..."
Hungrig Bauch
"The food is delicious, and I would definitely return for more. But I just wish they serve all the food at the same time, me and my friends went here..."
"I just came here after buying something in divi.I ordered the pork chop set and the hakaw.The fried rice was good.I loved..."
Vonn Russell Vargas Olfindo
"Xiao Long Bao was excellent! We used Zomato Gold so we had the Porkchop Noodles for FREE. Their staff were very accommodating. Will definitely come..."
Ronald Remandaban
"Had a comfort food here last weekend. xiao long bao and noodles with pork is a must especially on a rainy weather.Personnel are nice and..."
Don Macalalad
"Been wanting to try this for some time and I was so glad to spot it in Lucky Chinatown Mall when I was in the area. The food is good! My friends and..."
"Good food. Good service. :) I love how they serve authentic xiao long bao. I was just shocked at first since not many of them are knowledgeable with..."
Dexter Chan
"After 3 hours of walking under the scorching heat of the streets of Divisoria, a-taste-of-heaven-it-is. It was so good that I forgot to take worthy..."
Kim De Belen
"Loved their Salted Egg Squash and Pork Chop noodles. The Xiao Long Bao is delicious as well but should be a bit bigger. The servers are very friendly..."
Nicca Danisse Marcelo Sarmiento
"Wasn't able to take picture of their fried rice, steamed fish, congee and polunchay but overall we are very satisfied.Xiao long bao -..."
Margaret Chan
"Very accomodating staff, attentive in terms of requests or additional orders. The food we ordered are all delicious. fast service. restaurant is..."
Maria Katrina Ellorin Cequiña
"Always a great place to enjoy xiaolongbao! I love it here. We also got the pork chop fried rice and also the braise beef noodle soup, i think both..."
Lorenz Lao
"Servers are very friendly and accommodating. They recommended food for us to try. We ordered Braised beef noodle soup and fried rice with porkchop..."
Dareen Royce Sas
"Good food and the pricing is not bad.The noodles is good and warms the heart. Same vibes with Lugang Cafe but the noodles reminds me of Ling..."
"Tasty xiao long bao! ❤️ staff was a little bit not attentive but the food was really good. I would totally come back here and try other dishes...."
Jayson Jimenez
"I took our Indian guest on a tour of Manila. One of our stops was the Binondo/Divisoria area and Lucky Chinatown is a good hub to scout the place..."
Pia Mauleon
"Went here for a lunch date. Was happy with the service and the food. Taste and flavors weren't mindblowing but it was delicious enough. Food..."
John Cheng
"My favorite zomato gold partner. May you continue to tie up with zomato gold to increase number of clients in your branch. Il surely visit your resto..."
Mitzi Romarez
"The staff are accommodating. The ambience is nice. What was lacking is the taste and quality of food. We ordered 4 dishes. I can say they're average..."
Caroline Jaro
"Awesome Xiao Long Bao's as expected, the skin did not break easily and all pieces had soup inside. the other dishes are great as well, the mapo tofu..."
"Xiao long bao was a little dry but still good. I also ordered wonton noodles, it was just like your ordinary noodles from other Chinese restaurants...."
Ana Alryne
"I used my Zomato Gold so we payed much lesser than how much we should. Membership perks are awesome!The staffs are attentive yet now..."
Eliza Alki
"Service and food was good. Xiao long bao is a must order. Fried rice is not the best. Steamed fish was good and soft enough for my grandmother. The..."
Sydney Kalaw
"➽ Tuesday @ 8:00pm➽ ₱1,700.00 for 4☟FAQS☟Crowded? ✔Airconditioned? ✔CR available? ✔Location..."
"Ordered xiao long bao, hakaw, braised beef noodles, and pork chop noodles using zomato gold. Pork chop noodles and xiao long bao are as good as..."
Nichole Iliscupidez
"Enjoyed our late lunch eating xiao long bao and pork chop egg fried rice. Taste is soo good - reminds me of our food trip in Taiwan 😋Will..."
Monique Monroid
"Good food . Their specialty are noodles and sio long pao. Nice apread for buy one take one dishes. Will definitely viait this resto again and again...."
Jerry Cleto
"It’s a good try though! The ambiance is a bit hot.The food is nice. Worth the price.We tried the braised beef noodles, shrimp pork..."
JLim - FoodHunter
"Place/Staff: staff were nice and accommodating. Fast service. Nice ambiance.Food: Xiao long bao (a must order) was made perfectly with thin..."
"Shilin is a district in Taiwan I'm just not sure if the name of this restaurant was named after this district. After eating at Din Tai Fung I had..."
Yumme Macapayag
"Shi Lin has got to be my go-to Chinese resto, especially when it comes to my salt & pepper squid craving! I love it and it’s definitely the dish I..."
"I used to not like Chinese food. Pero my partner does. And super happy ako that the 1st Chinese food experience we had, was in this restaurant. I..."
Drixlyn Rivera Ortega
"Everything we ordered were spectacular! From the congee, to the pork and shrimp wanton noodles, to the xiao long bao, to the fried mantao, to the..."
"For me its the best xiao long bao so far! I am just so hooked with it plus their taro dumpling! I can finish until 3 orders each when im alone...."
"Saw the chance for another Shi Lin visit when I drove my mom to Divisoria!😊 Wish granted! Three of us had a very late lunch here the other day, a..."
Foodie Dokie
"It was accidental when I discovered the place, was supposed to go to the other restaurant yet the ambiance didn't satisfy me. So, I move here. We..."
"Restaurant was pleasing and quiet. Food was okay. For the price that we paid the food was prbably worth it. The dumplings ate made in the site and..."
"We ordered their century egg and noodles. I just forgot the name. To be fair, their Xiao Long Bao is love!! 😍The place yeah is a bit..."
Karla Dela Cruz
"Tried their salt & pepper squid, chicken chop and forgot to take a photo of their braised beef noodles.I love their salt & pepper squid and..."
"Authentic chinese food on a very affordable price!!We ordered these two dishes which is already good for two people. Very generous serving...."
Madelaine Anne De Guzman
"Fast service and authentic Chinese food! Taste is never compromised on how quick their meals are prepared. Try their salted egg prawns and spicy..."
Kristian Jewel
"First tried this because of the vouchers we bought from Metrodeal (pay 50% less than the actual monetary value). I read some reviews about it, and..."
Catherine Joy Tan Lim
"Food is generally good with only a few misses. Their classic XLB was just ok but what I really appreciated about theirs is that all their XLBs had..."
"Shi Lin is a place in taipei,taiwan but there's no Shi lin resto in that area or in taiwan or maybe they use other names. We ordered double boiled..."
Victor Yap
"Located at The Lucky Chinatown Mall. It is quite visible as the place is located ground floor. I went with my siblings and mother. We had their xiao..."
"They have the best fried siopao that I have ever tasted. Who knew that asado and condensed milk taste so well together? The Xiao Long Bao is one of..."
"We wanted to try out a new Chinese restaurant during our trip to Binondo, so we had lunch at Shi Lin. I heard that they serve pretty tasty noodles..."
Chef Jay's Kitchen
"It is my first time to try his place. Try their xiao long bao!! Never miss to order this if you come here. They also have good service and good..."
"When at Shi Lin, Xiao Long Bao is a must order for us. This time we ordered Beef Noodles and Congee. Their beef is a little bit spicy with a strong..."
Eunice Cai
"We drove ourselves into Binondo with the help of Waze, aiming for hand pulled noodles at Lucky Chinatown, but our favorite venue was full, so we..."
Marianne In Manila
"Shi-lin offers good taiwanese food. We ordered the xiao long bao and it was great.but i just didnt like the dead flies beside my seat.. It's kinda..."
"This Shi Lin branch has a nicer interior than the BGC branch. Food quality is comparable and the service is good. Their xiao long bao is really a..."
Vivian Co
"Their taro dumplings are really one of my favorites. The braised beef soup is so smooth and tasty with that hint of kick at the end which makes you..."
Sydneylyn Tan
"We wanted to try out a new Chinese restaurant so we had lunch in Shi Lin. I heard that they serve pretty tasty noodles and they also had some great..."
Chef Jay's Kitchen
"Yummy xiao long bao! Just be careful since this is really served hot as mentioned in the little instruction note on the table. Guess we were too..."
"Xiao long bao! That's the best seller. They have big servings too. Dont foget the house tea. Dont worry about long lines. Cozy place. Good customer..."
Gian Carlo Mirasol
"Shi Lin could just be like one of those Chinese restaurants you've tried with its ordinary ambiance and service, but you might just enjoy some of the..."
Renz Kristofer Cheng
"Noodles with Sesame and Peanut Sauce (PhP 155)--The hand pulled noodles were cooked al dente and the sauce had just the right balance of creamy and..."
Rochkirstin Sioco