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The Curator
89/100 (985 ratings)
"Worth a try!!!..."
Marsha Martina
"There are only a handful of cocktails to choose from, but don’t be afraid to speak to the bartenders, as they welcome suggestions to create from..."
Purple Curiosity
"Great place for a nice coffee and light meals which is hard to find in Manila. The decor gives the place an industrial charm with the concrete walls...."
Chris Anesco
"Everything’s great. Coffee. Food. Music. Ambiance. They serve alcohol at..."
Allen Caeg
"A very simple cafe, with a clean interior and a low profile exterior - barely a sign and easy to miss. Their menu also reflects their simplicity. For..."
Black Prince
"I like how lowkey this place is; when my friends and I went here, we kinda struggled finding where it was 'cause they didn't have a signage haha...."
Diane Corre
"The service is great!! The staff were very friendly and accommodating. In our first visit, they took time to explain their offerings and helped us..."
Natasha Kosheleva
"Chill and lowkey. Great place to hangout for after-work drinks. Great set of cocktails + we had a sample of that puto bumbong drink w/c tastes..."
Julian B.
"I like the exclusivity of this bar/cafe. Also, it’s lowkey cos you won’t expect behind their front, which is the cafe, is a semi speakeasy bar...."
Bevy Salvador
"Has a very comfy Filipino hipster-esque vibe Good place for coffee! Staff are very friendly and know their stuff. You can even ask them for..."
Jicu Beloy
"Really great coffee for a really great price. Will definitely recommend. Presentation is not bad. It’s hard to spot at first because they don’t..."
Micah Galang
"Visited this place again after so long. The last time I was here they still had that wine store but now it’s a full blown cafe/bar. I appreciate..."
Kathryna De Bustos
"It was a bit a hassle to look for this place since it did not have a sign or a name, however, the ambience and the taste of their coffee definitely..."
Kathleen Bernabe
"since it’s lowkey, it took five minutes to figure out where the entrance was. the staff were accommodating and conversed while doing our orders...."
Deniesse Borce
"Good place to catch up with friends.Perfect for those who wants a morning coffee and chill place.Friendly barista.No..."
Bea Patricia
"Love the cocktails! the selection of drinks are so much intriguing. You can actually request for them to make a drink for you, like a special or one..."
Anjeanette Cansino
"Drinks: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Cool concept! They take their drinks very seriously. And I have never seen a cocktail menu so fun and..."
Erica Bucog
"BADASS cocktail lounge, hidden in legaspi makati.i am overwhelm with the service and the variety of cocktails. their bartenders are the..."
"Who would have thought that this coffee shop exist. Thanks to my friend for introducing The Curator to me. I love the ambiance, the coffee and the..."
Innah Andrea
"My boss introduced me to this place so I come here mostly for meetings cos it is really quiet at daytime and almost looks like a hideout. Easy to..."
The Beanie Review
"THE BEST in Makati 💖 Everyone is just so nice and their coffee and cocktails are great. It’s the best place to chill and relax. I could live..."
Ji Young
"UGH, what an experience. Great, secretive ambiance tucked in a corner along Legaspi village. Since it’s a tiny bar, you’re almost pressured to..."
Bea Delos Reyes
"Their bartenders are the best! Super friendly and are great at recommending stuff to you. Though the drinks may be pricey, they are truly worth it...."
Norman Paul Roy
"I gave the Curator 5 stars. Why? It hits the right notes as a cocktail bar while going the extra mile as well.1.) AmbianceCozy..."
Miltton Li
"Hanami Gin is a thoughtful, hand-crafted drink infused with the true essence of distinctive cherry blossom and herbs. These botanicals are carefully..."
Feed My Tummy PH
"The Curator serves its location well, just at the corner of C. Palanca Street, walking distance from Greenbelt 1 and the nearby residential and..."
Eboy M. Donato
"Was here for a product launch and it was my first time to set foot at The Curator and little did I know it was just near the office. It looks small..."
"I really love this place and will surely recommend it because they go beyond the normal kind of service a coffee shop can give. I went here all by..."
Rose Ann Galera
"I don't drink coffee but I drink alcohol so I am reviewing Curator for their "Hidden Bar".If you're looking for an nice, quiet, intimate..."
"I went here for the "cocktail" part, where I can get free peanuts ;)No seriously, don't ask for the best seller drinks. Just tell them..."
Dony Johansyah Habibie
"A nice coffee place na may not so hidden na bar sa likod. They serve food din pero I always go here for their coffee. Try nio tong Shake-O-What-O,..."
"The place is small but relaxing, I love the wall color. I love the Espresso with milk it is best paired with the brownie. I will be back soon for..."
"This place is a go-to for some down time. The Sicilian fizz is amazing (using a metal straw is lovely touch) and the grilled cheese is perfect (the..."
Kyla Yzabella Mari
"The brightly lit closed coffee shop hides a gem of a bar behind the back sliding doors.They've got a great selection of cocktails including..."
"This is a very late review. I'll break it down into three:a. FoodTheir honey grilled sandwich is equally sweet and salty. I particularly..."
Catalina Ricci Madarang
"If you had trouble finding this place, we are no different. We just wanted to try something new and ended up googling the Curator.We were..."
"@thecurator_ has got to be the best hidden-gem café in Makati. Coffee or cocktail - it’s your choice but they’ll definitely get you what you..."
Epicurean Foodies PH
"For the introvert in me that prefers quieter places with smaller crowds, this has become one of my favorite places/hideaways in Makati. This place..."
Mamiyo Camille
"So in love with places like these!The Curator has it all, a bright front room and a moody back room for all kinds of coffee and cocktails..."
"This place has been updated. You don't need to go through Cyrano anymore because they have expanded their shop while still maintaining the great..."
Hans Erickson Lim
"Amazing, not so hidden anymore Gem, in legaspi. Great coffee, impeccable service, and just a cool vibe about the place. Their staff are some of my..."
Brett Bayly
"After visiting The Curator the first time for drinks, I really wanted to come back to try their coffee too because the place seemed like it looked..."
Unisse Chua
"If you're looking for great food, great coffee, great ambiance and great service. This is the place that you've been looking for! I've always been..."
Karlo Maneja Dela Cruz
"ever seen a test tube out of your chemistry lab?You can drop by at The Curator where they serve sugar varieties in test tubes...."
Aiz Parala
"Another hidden gem of Makati. Literally hidden. Haha. It does not have any signboard or whatsoever so it could be a bit challenge if you're planning..."
Karen Buñag
"I have been meaning to drop by this cafe/bar ever since I heard news of it last last year. I was able to see it at night where it turned to a..."
The Hungry Employee
"My favorite 2017 coffee shop so far. I had their espresso + milk and it was really good. The coffee was strong enough and blends well with the milk...."
Getting Pigger
"One of the best coffee shop I've been in makati! So we decided to chill after our shoot with a model around makati. The barista was very nice of us..."
Benedict Bigalbal
"Got to taste different kinds of coffee here! And got a chance to see david ong pouring a coffee! The place is kinda dark which is very relaxing, guys..."
Dan Calagui
"I went here a few months ago with a friend on a spontaneous night out. The baristas were asking us what we wanted to drink and I had no idea what to..."
"Just this Saturday, hubby and I together with some looloo friends went to TLC Festival in Bonifacio High Street Central. The plan was to have lunch..."
"I don't think that I can say enough good about this place to do it justice. From the moment I first walked in the door I have had a phenomenal..."
"The Curator is probably my favorite cafe in Metro Manila. Here's why:Food- I wasn't able to take a picture, but I ordered their Apple Pie..."
No Ong, No Life
"A place you never expected that there is a cafe and bar inside. Really a whole in the wall. Love their coffee and I love the interaction the..."
Dale Cruz
"If it weren't for Zomato, I never would have guessed that a coffee shop can be found inside a wine bar. I was actually a bit hesitant to open Cyrano..."
Kathlyn Diane Datu
"The secret place. We had a quite hard time looking for this coffee shop. They could have posted a signage or something outside the wine bar. Or maybe..."
Kevin Edward Culla
"The Curator is a designer coffee shop by day, cocktail bar at night, owned by four partners who divide day and night operations amongst themselves...."
Marianne In Manila
"Finally! Nakita rin kita, kung hindi pa sa isang blog site hindi kita makikita. Pinahirapan mo ako! 😜 But still "it's worth it!" 😃The..."
"The Curator is perfect for caffeine addicts and alcoholics! It's a cafe and bar in Makati which serves amazing coffee. I ordered the Winds of winter..."
Astrid Nicole Jalandoni Arceo
"Excellent coffee and cocktail bar in Legaspi Village. Cool setting with good music.Bartenders introduce themselves to you!We..."
"The barista is very accomodating and peaceful. Im not into coffee kaya nag reccommend sila for me na first timer dun na walang alam about coffee..."
Hungry Jef
"you would love to have breakfast here:) they have very simple menu yet efficient for me since i was able to order in a few sec right after i was..."
Donna Nolasco
"I enjoyed my first try here, but today I found the service wanting. The muffin is OK, but my friend's coffee wasn't hot enough but I credit the..."
Good Pinoy
"Went there last saturday afternoon with a friend to have a chat and watch movies (laptop). The cafe/bar is actually at the back end of the shop so if..."
"Visited Curator on a Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately they don't serve alcohol on Sundays, so we only got to order coffee. I had the iced..."
"Love the urban speakeasy vibe. The Curator is hidden behind a bar, so it may seem "closed" but you have to check the doors to be sure. Their coffee..."
Raina Cheng
"Some might have a hard time finding where this café is since it's located inside a building; once inside, you will still have to pass through a what..."
"The Curator definitely knows what they're selling. Honestly, I've just started drinking coffee and so I don't know much yet on coffee variety. The..."
Shelly Viajera Travel
"Great coffee experience at The Curator. Special thanks to Ivan (The barista) for entertaining us. My friend and I learned so many things about..."
Michelle Ann China Yu
"Every time I am in town, I’ve always got to try and make as much time for my favourite local coffee shop - The Curator. Their food menu is..."
"Wednesday morning and had to accompany my husband in Makati for his HAAD Exam. I didn’t have enough sleep that day so I looked for a coffee shop..."
Jacqui T
"The Curator Coffee and Cocktails: Bringing the Best That the World of Coffee and Cocktails Has to Offer. The Curator Coffee and Cocktails is known..."
Chef Jay's Kitchen
"My favorite hidden lair!I actually got the idea of creating the @coffeecrawlerph handle in Instagram after my first visit to The..."
"The Curator is a gem hidden inside a winery, I even doubted if the vicinity was open when I went here. This is just a 2-min walk away from my office..."
"another great place for meetings and chilling located in Makati. :) a well established restaurant to serve you all. the service here was not that..."
Caleb Zion
"I rate this high just because one, it's hidden. Finding it was a victory in itself. Two, their unique presentation of coffee. It came with test tube..."
"I truly enjoy those rugged vintage looking types of coffee shops, so if you also prefer those kind of places, Curator is definitely a place to add to..."
Wency Gail Apostol
"4/5 for their Dark Matter Theory! The place is quite hidden. Love the interiors but their lights are dimmed. Just ask Ramona to score a brewed coffee..."
Marilyn Fernandez
"Coffee during the day. Cocktails by night. I must say my first experience of the so-called "third wave coffee" is really good. I tried espresso with..."
Jindra Dolatre
"Ordered Espresso (Winds of Winter Blend) with milk and it was just the perfect cup. Light, crisp and a bit nutty. I'd love this for my morning cup of..."
Bea Hingada
"The Curator is a quaint cafe by day and a unique speakeasy by night. It is located in the back area of Cyrano Wine Bar, which can be found at the..."
Cath L.
"I love love a good drink. Im more of a tea person but oh wow I certainly enjoyed my Dirty White Coffee drink. It's espresso with milk and since it's..."
Kirsten Chloe
"A very interesting place to taste coffee in different "depths" and to learn more about coffee and to share conversations with the baristas and even..."
Anya Argüelles
"Great coffee, great cocktails, great food and great people. The Curator is tucked behind a wine shop. It feels more like a speakeasy bar..."
"Espresso with milk - very goodHoney grilled cheese - simple but tasty. The bread was soft and its crust has the same texture as croissant...."
Kata Sobejana
"Excellent service and the coffee is brewed exceptionally well. I enjoyed the croissant with Gorgonzola, but found the grilled honey and cheese a bit..."
Frankie Figgs
"If you want to get away from work for a while and get a perfect cup of coffee this is definitely the place to go. It might be a little intimidating..."
Alain Roy Francisco
Dunkin' Donuts Glorietta
89/100 (12 ratings)
"Chocolate Butternut! When you’re waiting for a movie and you want something else with your coffee. Donuts and sugar free coffee always work...."
Christina | Kain Club
"We all know that almost every people around Metro Manila loves munchkins! This is why I want to share with you my favorite munchkins which are the..."
"Always good donuts. Tried some of the fancy flavours and they were delicious! Get the Simpsons looking ube sprinkle! The blueberry cheese was a..."
"Our go-to coffee shop for brewed coffee. No frills, but excellent tasting quality coffee. Pair with the classic donut and you only need to pay 60...."
Fat Girls Day Out
"Long before Krispy Kreme, and J.Co dominated the donut scene, Dunkin’ Donuts was the clear leader in the “dough” biz. I commend them for..."
🦄The Last Unicorn🦄
"Our personal favorites are the Boston Kreme, Strawberry Filled and the Choco Frosted. We also love the munchkins! Recently, we tried the Dunkin Yan..."
Manila Dining Diary
"If I remembered correctly, they have a new stall at the Glorietta food court. After having lunch, I want to have something for dessert and good thing..."
"An impulse buy of 25 pieces of munchkins to keep me from becoming extremely Hangry!!! Of course, i shared it with the rest of the family. The kids..."
"Who doesn't love and crave for Choco Butternut? ❤️🍩 My All-time favorite donut, ever since I was a kid. 😃@dunkindonutsph #DunkinDonutsPh..."
"All time favorite donut! My love for dunkin donuts will never ever go away. Even if a lot of new donut place opened like, Krispy Kreme. I would..."
Joanne Yao
"One thing i like in Dunkin Donut is their Bunwhich  Spanish Sausage  also the bunwhich ham and cheese both goes well with my hot brewed coffee...."
Tabletaft Boardgame Cafe
87/100 (280 ratings)
"The shakes watered my crops and walked my..."
Angelica Perez
"Went there for a friends birthday, servers were very attentive and friendly, food was delicious, it wasnt as well ventilated but it was still a great..."
Aki Kinori
"First time to try a board game café and I really enjoyed it! The game coach was patient enough to explain rules of the games we played. Some games..."
Patricia Jarmin L. Pua
"A good place to relieve your stress away. Price is reasonable. You can stay as long as you can. All of the staff are very warm and kind. Definitely..."
Jhockz Lorenzo
"Awesome place to hang out with friends! The staff were super friendly. Food was also great! Plus, they also had a wide selection of board games to..."
"A boardgame cafe with excellent food?? This place has it all! *screams* chicken teriyakii!!! No extra charge for playing boardgames which..."
"I have no problem with their food and service it was amazing. What killed my dining experience was their customers. The place is full of weaboos...."
Trisha Jarabelo
"Me and my friends decided to go to tabletaft just a few hours ago to have fun aaaaaand.. they didn't disappoint us. 😊 We enjoyed their boardgames...."
"Good food with great friends. Nice ambiance and a friendly server. Perfect for barkadas and family. For your next foodtrip, try this on your list...."
Tina Bernardo
"So this place has been my go to place when I want to hang out with friends. The staffs are accommodating and friendly, the food is good and there is..."
J Anne Roxas
"Went here last week just to explore new places near our place. Experience here was awesome! But there are still room for improvements I know. Keep it..."
Rommel Jayson
"It's my first time to try a board games café, and it didn't disappoint me.. from their games to their food! I tried the;✔️ Taco..."
Redge Palma
"Gusto ko yung food nila, lalo na yung Salsa Verde Fish Fillet Rice Bowl nila. Tama lang yung pricing ng food nila sa serving and quality. Yung staff..."
Ken Limson Villamor
"If board games and having fun with your friends is your thing, then TableTaft is the right place to go!Food (⭐️⭐️) - I love their..."
Thiara Esteban
"My sisters wanted to try a boardgame cafe and TableTaft was the nearest to my place. The place is quite small but since we visited on a Sat (lunch..."
Bea Rigodon
"It was our first time to visit TableTaft Boardgame Cafe and yes it was an enjoyable experience. Since you will have a nice ambiance of the place,..."
Richel Pedregosa-Barcelona
"The dog bit me! Awww! Actually, it's one of the games we played when we attended the Grand Launch of Table Taft Board Game Cafe.THE..."
"I really appreciated the friendly staff, particularly the guy who taught us how to play the board games. (Sorry, Kuya, I forgot your name.) This is a..."
"Was invited during the launch event of TableTaft and I was really excited to try out new games aside from my usual Snakes & Ladders, Monopoly, and..."
"Within Taft University Mall  is a student budget-friendly board game cafe called TableTaft. With a wide array of board games, TableTaft is a safe..."
Raina Cheng
"It was my first time to be inside University Mall, a go to mall by college students around the area for mostly dining. Each of its floors are filled..."
"Last saturday we had a fun filled afternoon playing board games at Table Taft Grand Launch. In support with our fellow foodie Denise Jestine Ang the..."
"We went here during their opening week so it was a bit crowded and noisy. The servers are nice and accommodating and take the time to explain the..."
Kimi Barra
"My friends and I went to Tabletaft last April 6 to de-stress and we weren't disappointed. Although tabletaft is like any other boardgame cafes out..."
"One of the board game cafes around Taft hence the creative name, TableTaft offers plenty of board games ranging from complicated to casual. They can..."
Bears Looking For Food
"Definitely one of the best places to play board games with friend. Be it during a break or a reunion of some sort. The place has plenty of games to..."
"For only Php 100, you can enter and start playing games with your friends. The entrance fee is waived when you order something greater than Php 100...."
Kristine Redillas
"Table Taft Boardgames Cafe. I went to this place after lunch to meet my friends and to probably find a good dessert. It was very noisy and..."
Simōne King