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There are 118 restaurants
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Kaz Korean Desert Cafe
80/100 (40 ratings)
"A good place to have some taste of Korean dessert. Coffee definitely gives me the chance to have break from my worries throughout the day. And..."
Cris Mirandilla
"Outlet plus Internet is one of the best place to stay. Plus some beautiful view. �..."
Ismael JerusaIem
"I thought at first the prices were quite expensive. But with the taste of the desserts, I think the food is worth the price. � Plus, the staff..."
Anikka Ataiza-Avenido
"Masiramun in bikol..thnx for introducing the best korean dessert here in albay. P.s. Thnx also for the free sliced cake and..."
Singkit Ton
"Best coffee in Legazpi. The baristas know how to work the machine. In fact, I think they’re the only coffee place in the city with staff that knows..."
Juls Philip Monilla
"i love the mango-cheese bingsu.the ambiance and the interior.the place was good.they really have nice..."
Gela De Mesa Taopo
"Very accommodating. Very nice place and staffs. Most specially very yummy foods. I have tried several like the blueberry cheesecake, mango bing-su,..."
Julie Kaye Belga Verbo
"The best bingsu i tasted. Loved it. Owner and staff are very..."
Onie Robles
"Mango Cheese Bing-su and Hazelnut Chocolate Cake are perfect! The place is nice and the staff and owner are friendly. We will definitely visit KKDC..."
Alexis Fernandez
"Great food. Great place. One of the tastiest bingsu I tasted......"
Paul Edward Acosta
"내 가족 말했어요: "잘 먹겠습니다". 참 오레오 빙수 맛있어요. 하지만 나중에 저희가 더 많은 숟가락이..."
"Serves the best dessert i've ever tasted. My favorite is the green tea bingsu..."
Alyssa Marie Sy
"Feeling cozy and cool.The place was great I want to go here again. The staff are so kind and warm. People can totally relax here. Hope you will..."
Ericka Mae Diamante