Reviews Atoy's Pork Chop

Vlad Figuracion
Greasy, unhealthy and extremely delicious! Atoy's porkchop is definitely the best pork chop that I've ever tasted at this price point! Very affordable and very tasty!!!
May 03, 2019
Antonette Sarte
If you're a hardcore tambay in BF, you have probably been to this place many times especially after a long and alcohol-infused night out in ULH or Central. It's open 24hrs, but recently it depends on the mood of their waiters I think, because there are times when we visited and they said it's closed and shooed us away but the whole crew is there! Lol.

What to order? Their Porksilog of course! There's something about its simplicity that will keep you coming back for more, you have to try it to know what I'm talking about.
May 29, 2018
Selle Castillo
I discovered Atoy's way back when I was in college and I loved their porkchop and tapa since the first time I eat it. Went there whenever I crave dinadayo pa namin. Until I discovered their Casimiro branch. Been here countless times because this is one of my food cravings so I wonder why it has a low rating.(?)

🍽️ Food:

1.) Porkchop is my all time favorite of them all. The taste is simple yet very delicious and it's juicy and crunchy that makes one order not enough.. for me hahaha. It's good on it's own but if you combine it with vinegar or catsup or toyomansi for it's sawsawan? It improves the taste even more!

2.) Beef Tapa is my second favorite. Before their tapa is himay himay but when I ate here again hindi na sya gnun. The taste doesn't change its still as tasty as before.

3.) Egg is cooked the way I wanted it. Malasado type but it's oily. You could pat some tissues if you wanted to lessen the oil though.

4.) Sinangag or Garlic Fried Rice I actually can't taste any garlic in the rice it's plain fried rice to me but I actually didn't mind it because it complements the tasty porkchop or tapa. And since I used to put toyomansi on it. The serving is plenty good.

💰 Money:
Reasonable, very affordable and it's worth it.

📍 Place:
It's small and an open kind of eatery (?) like SEX (Sinangag Express). It's clean. Not enough fans. Lightnings are okay not too bright. Although the foods here tastes good and affordable the appearance of the eatery is not appealing at all. Whenever I eat here or pass by the neighboring eateries have more customers and I think that's one of the reasons why.

👤 Customer Service:
No problem at all to me. Serving is quite fast.

1.) It would be more okay if they have fried garlic as a condiments since garlic fried rice has no garlic taste.
2.) Wish they improve their ventilation add more fans or put an aircon (?) because it can really be hot to eat there during the day.
3.) Renovate or improve the overall appearance of the eatery. Make it more appealing.
4.) Add more menus (?) desserts, beverages.
5.) Lastly, hope they have free soup.
Apr 29, 2018
This place is always packed with people. Either to grab dinner first before drinking in one of the bars in BF or grab a bite and let hangovers pass after a drinking session.

Food: Honestly, I don't see anything special with their porkchop, just the same carinderia porkchop for me, but my husband and friends love it so much. 

Service: The servers are nice and friendly, the food usually takes 10 minutes to be served.

Place: It's a good thing they're open 24 hours. The place is small, they have very limited seats, they don't have their own parking space (a bit of a hassle during daytime), but it's clean.
Jun 25, 2015