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Cafe cuisine: the best places to taste it in Imus

There are 13 restaurants
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Orangetag Coffee Brewery
89/100 (715 ratings)
"A hidden treasure in the most unusual location and in the wee hours at night and still operational,found a new comfort place where a word "bliss" is..."
Mykiee Mykiee Myk
"An alternative to the typical diner.. A very nice european inspired place,with relaxing piano music.and it's good to find it here in imus..the food..."
Richard Pableo
"Superb� great place, great coffee and great food! I love the rosemary chicken everyone should try it! And the new product as well grabe sarap ng..."
Joyce Mañosca Centeno
"Perfect place for a perfect drink. Super cozy ng place. Parang wala ka sa hiway when you're inside. Love their newest Mocha Negrita. If you're not..."
Ivanne Colleen Parrilla-Mateo
"Hi guys! I just want to commend your staff "Divina" for a job well done. I ordered caramel macchiato and my bestfriend ordered iced vanilla and she..."
Angel Sioson
"Sa Orangetag maganda ang ambiance at mababait ang mga staff nila dun at masarap ang mga pagkain nila pag dating sa pastries ay ang giant donut..."
Rafael Dela Cruz Romero
"My first time visit was awesome :) a cozy place,, aside from having best carrot cake and tasty frappe, they have accomodating staffs and a friendly..."
Zin Sai Harumi
"The ambiance and service is really nice~ Great food and drinks. 10/10 would recommend..."
Rizza Paje San Juan
"Orange tag coffee brewery is the best place to relax.. good place....."
Ytsirc Riutsev Ocob
"�����food �����staff/service �����place ��� luv ur matcha latte, peppermint tea and everything that's on our..."
Wi Fe To Ib
"I was so surprised and amazed such a cozy place exists in the hustle and bustle of Nueno Ave in Imus. I love dainty, homey and warm coffee shops and..."
Ces Ranoso