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Filipino cuisine: the best places to taste it in Davao City

There are 229 restaurants
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Wild Garlic
93/100 (271 ratings)
"Best place in any occasions will do! So love the food,staff are very accommodating and of course the place ideally it’s the best..."
Aileen Montero Santiago-Gustilo
"I really like the place. The design and the ambiance were relaxing. Hindi masyado maraming tao kahit saturday na ako pumunta dun. The food are great..."
Doris Day Ladao
"Super nice and cute ng place... food is so good and not so expensive. My family enjoyed our lunch there......"
Velvet Azoiral
"Best food... Especially the Laing. And my all time favorite their Sisig is the best. And also lastly the service is really..."
Roman Linejan
"Awesome food and service. I love their kiddie books to keep your youngster busy while waiting. Love the fried..."
Cathy Bernales
"They serve very authentic Filipino food. So delicious just like how my grandmother used to make it! The owner was very accommodating and very..."
Geraldine Flores Miguel
"Excellent food! The ambiance was perfect and the most amazing was the owners were very accommodating!! Thank you for the great service!! We will be..."
Mcbain JulJam
"Panga royale is the best�����... Xempree the delicious..."
Coi Coi
"Ang saràaàaaaaàp! Dito! Nice place for halohalo hunters, the best , in store for..."
Manix Rios
"Good food and friendly, accomodated and very kind owner. Thanks Jojie and..."
Marcos Ulip
"Wild Garlic offers the best food in town when you visit Davao....old-fashioned cooking and desserts that will satisfy your cravings. Home-y ambiance..."
Mia Raymundo Magno
Bulbagaba Resto Bar
92/100 (39 ratings)
"My trips to Davao will never be complete without visiting MTS. It's simply a place to relax and listen to good music. And yes food is varied and..."
Ka Boyet
"Of all the places in Davao where a great family meal is needed, MTS is the only place our minds can root of. Good ambience, really secured place with..."
Carl Joey Reterba
"My favorite tambayan since 2005. Great place, great music, nice ambience, clean, and spacious. though it has changed hugely from what it used to, the..."
Marvin Peñano Gepulla
"the place never gets senescent and in a million years, one of the best hang outs in Davao City. ..."
Jonard Icdang Alaan
"Just loved it is a safe place for a night out, great music to listen to and yes, varied food as well...."
Star Kittie Acedo
"MTS never gets old and out of style. They cater the taste of the mass,from youngsters to not-so-old and even good for family night escape. I just..."
Amores Rex
"A place to enjoy even when you are alone or with your barkada. Good food, we've got it all for sc like..."
Gie Ompoy
"Just loved it is a safe place for a night out, great music to listen to and yes, varied food as well...."
Aires Cardosa Gempesaw
"From my dalaga days way back 2000 up to now my three kids na ako.jan pa rin bagsak veranda as we called it by my buddies (da barkadz)...MTS..."
Millette Labor Tanduyan
"A perfect place where can you enjoy all the everywhere.. Nicest peoples. Clean grounds.. I miss that place much I hope i would be..."
Guiller Benavente Ramirez