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There are 113 restaurants
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The Vegan Dinosaur
92/100 (906 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Juice & Smoothies
"I love the Vegan Dinosaur! It's the only place that really truly advocates a vegan and compassionate lifestyle in Davao City. It's a one-of-a-kind..."
Mirabai Jyoti Sebastian
"Totally changed the way I saw Vegan diet! The first time I visited, I thought it was okay. Just the other day, my cousin came to visit Davao and I..."
Suzette Co Cinco
"Cozy place + Healthy food = happy tummy&soul. ��� " You can Indulge in a guilt-less pleasure with..."
Allelie Rivera - Gitgano
"Super yummy and very reasonably priced based on the ingredients. Wait staff very attentive and food came faster than I expected. Had been meaning to..."
Daniel Christian
"EDIT: just retried today 2018, and the food was great! Updating my rating from 3 to 5 stars. Improved a lot from when i tried this years ago! Serving..."
Niel Dagondon
"A very nice place to visit on during those days when us non-vegans (yet!) need to give our tummies a break from all the meat-eating. Your Team is one..."
Charmaine Cuartero
"I just had my 2nd vegan burger. I love how it mimicks the meat with the spices. I also tasted their cocoa fudge. I can taste the real cocoa like the..."
Ednard Kim La Rosa
"TVD offers good food that will make you feel good. It's the best vegan cafe in..."
Yogi Ibarra
"The ambiance was great! Visited once when I was in Davao, but would love to visit again! The staff and the owner are really friendly, and not to..."
Lizbeth Marie J Lim
"Such a wonderful place to enjoy delicious, cruelty free food. And they promote so much more than just veganism. It has such a positive atmosphere..."
HM Bonney
"Amazing restaurant with great service! Would definitely..."
Robin Schaper
"Super duper amazing, loving this place!!! Definitely coming back and bringing my friends!!! :) Thank..."
Ash Sudduth
"This place is delicious. But importantly for me, the food handling is impeccable. Cleanest restaurant I've eaten here in Davao..."
Michelle Anne
"What an amazing restaurant. In a country where veganism is very rare, you manage to have a restaurant to introduce everyone that good food doesn't..."
Daisy Junelia