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Jucha Juice Bar
86/100 (235 ratings)
"Heavenly goodness in a plate of greens, legumes and fruits. A must try to health conscious..."
Jovy Po Esguerra
"The veggie bowl was really good! Didn't realize healthy food could be so tasty! Glad I got to try your place :) No wonder you guys are a favorite..."
Shayla Sanchez
"The service, the area, the crew, the healthy food, the taste is very much worth the price!..."
Vlady Mary
"I love to drink the apple ampalaya juice, it's my all time favorite when I have the chance to chill at your..."
Marzjgie Nofies Cedro Mondejar
"Live more. It's not just because you eat but because you learn what to eat. Learning what to eat leads you to learning on how to eat it. This is what..."
Jingkay GD
"Perfect option to live life better. A great way to understand my body, health and nutrition. I am starting to live with an option for the food that I..."
Janmydee Beads
"Live and natural food at its best! My favorites - their raw taco, tuna wrap, egg & pear salad. Try their ABC juice (apple, beets n carrots) and warm..."
Ajie Paras Angeles
"I envy Butuanons. There is a Jewel of a restaurant. Ezil Cervantes, proprietress develops and creates dishes that combine taste and health in each..."
Fe Remotigue
"As a chef I highly and strongly recommend this restaurant to those people who wants to change their lifestyle diet, for those individual whose having..."
Brad Brad Erich
"sabssab sagbot??? why not!!!! why excellent??? WHY..."
Ba Da
"natural juice.... good for our health, anti oxidants,..."
Pearl Truzan Castañeto
"Love the apple carrot juice & open face sandwich������ surely we will be back in..."
Eleanor Palar- Mentero
"The salad, wraps, juices and smoothies are all very tasty and super..."
Beverly Labisto Mingke